Locations and Prices

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Based in Eastern Ukraine- the second city of Ukraine is located very close to the Russian border and is an ideal setting for an ‘Iron Experience’. 

Direct flights are available from major cities such as London, Warsaw and Kiev plus more.

This is our primary location and the city though not built for tourism is a lovely place and apart from being the second city doubles up as a University Hub. It is a peaceful city home to over one million people. Russian is the primary language- so brushing up on some Russian would be a good idea. Please read more about the city by typing in ‘Kharkiv, Ukraine’ into an online search engine. 

Price:  Starting from $1,500 (USD) per person per week. Discounts are available on multiple bookings or longer duration boot camps.

Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

Location 3 - Coming Soon